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It’s always nice to use the year’s end as a time to reflect, thus we’ve compiled a list of our top-ten most viewed posts from 2015.  We had an exciting year here at and can’t wait to continue to provide our readers with evidence-based health information in a modern way.  We hope you enjoy reading our material as much as we enjoy creating it.

Top Ten Posts of 2015:

  1.  JLo BodyLab Fitness App Review  Nurse Practitioner Keilynn Hopkins reviews the BodyLab fitness app endorsed by Jennifer Lopez.  Though the smart phone app holds a useful interface for keeping track of calories and fitness goals, it does not provide a strong social network (which has been proven to help create long-lasting wellness).  Plus, many of the recommended supplements could be dangerous.  Read carefully.
  2. Not Your Mother’s Lemonade  Did you know that fresh-squeeze citrus contains the highest dose of Vitamin C?  Or that lemon peels suppress the appetites of obese lab mice?  In order to maximize health benefits, Nurse Mia Ross came up with a radical new way to use lemons in her homemade lemonade.  The fun and easy recipe is included.
  3. Vitamin B17, Laetrile, Amygdalin: Cancer Cure or Scam?  In this piece, Nurse Practitioner Gail Ingram rejects the claim that Vitamin B17 (which is actually not a vitamin at all) has the ability to cure cancer.  She encourages the public to be very skeptical when it comes to such grandiose claims.  The post explores the reality behind the counter-culture anti-pharmaceutical business.
  4. Circumcision: A New Perspective  Normally, circumsicion is only discussed alongside concerns for the infant male population.  Here, Nurse Gail reframes this popular conversation topic and shares a heart-wrenching personal story of dealing with the severe infection of an uncircumsiced elderly man.
  5. New Yorkers Get Hepatitis A In Tulum, Mexico  Nurse Mia took a wonderful trip to Tulum, Mexico this year.  Luckily, she wasn’t one of the many to come back with Hepatitis A.  This informational post encourages all readers who travel to follow her lead and get vaccinated.
  6. Is Whole Body Cryotherapy Effective?  This year, a young woman was found dead inside a cryotherapy chamber.  Months before, Nurse Mia had dissuaded their use after witnessing cryotherapy spas popping up all over New York City.  On the same thread as Nurse Gail’s Vitamin B17 post, she pleaded for people to think twice about the lofty medical assertions of cryotherapy.
  7. Is Honey Good For You? Nope, Not Really.  Nurse Mia lost some friends with this post (after all, sugar tastes delicious), but is all about truth-telling.  She did the research and found that, in fact, the propertities of honey may be more harmful than helpful.
  8. Sex in the City Meets Nurse Gail: Antibiotic Resistant Chlamydia  As it turns out, having chlamydia may actually be an appropriate dinner table topic.  Nurse Gail retold an interesting and important conversation she had with a dashing date.  Gail inspires readers to avoid sexual-profiling (after all, anyone can be carrying an STI) and urges everyone to practice safe sex.
  9. Prevent Plastic Surgery Bruising: Natural Tricks of the Trade  Nurse Gail has extensive experience helping people recover from plastic surgery.  For this post, she gives readers a tried and true list of natural ways to prevent or reduce bruising.
  10. Ask How Can I Skip My Period?  Just in time for Valentine’s Day this past year, Nurse Gail eschewed old-fashioned medical advice and gave our female audience a sensible, no-nonsense guide on how to skip your period.

We, as nurses, strive to give you health information you can trust.  Thank you for your continued readership and support.  Stay tuned for 2016!


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  • Amazing work, Gail! I love how your posts are chock full of information and content that the public needs and can certainly use. Thanks for an awesome 201 5 of blogging! Wishing you the best success in this New Year.

  • Avatar Beth Boynton says:

    Interesting topics, Gail and Mia w/ nice blend of holistic and traditional medical issues. I checked out Nurse Mia’s post about her trip to Mexico and enjoyed reading the beautiful description of her time while also appreciating her discussion and educational material on Hep A! Thank you!

  • What a great year Gail and Mia!

    The topics you present are so interesting and timely. Love your posts about sexually related issues (fact vs fiction).
    You really break it down!

    Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

  • Hi To The Nurse Gail Team,
    Your blog provides such a multitude of topics for your readers. Thanks for all you do to promote the nursing profession. Looking forward to all that 2016 brings this upcoming year 🙂

  • Avatar Kelly Payne says:

    Thank you for sharing your year in review! I love how widespread your information is that your include in your blog, you have so many areas of expertise we all have so much to learn from! I just read your article on circumcision and have really seen this in a new light – I work with infant circumcisions daily at work. Thanks!

    • Mia Ross BSN RN Mia Ross BSN RN says:

      Thank you, Kelly, for your kind words. We’ll continue to bring insightful information to the site in 2016.

  • Avatar Brittney says:

    What a great year in review! The lemonade recipe looks very refreshing and would be great to take along to work.

    Thank you for participating in the Nurse Blog Carnival.

  • Nurse Gail.
    These are such an interesting variety of topics. The one on ‘sex in the city’ made me laugh a little -yet it highlights very important points. Great job. Looking forward to 2016.

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