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Homecare For Holocaust Survivors: More Funds Available

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Living and working in New York City I have the privilege to care for some of the world’s most special people–Holocaust survivors.  I am honored to have shared many hours providing bedside care and creating bonds with this unique patient population.

In May of 2013, the German Finance Ministry met with the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany [AKA the Claims Conference] in Israel to discuss further restitution for Holocaust survivors.  As a result, Germany is to provide an additional $800 million in home care to Holocaust victims between now and 2017.

According to the Jewish Philanthropy website:

Currently, the Claims Conference is supporting homecare for 56,000 Holocaust victims around the world. Based on the organization’s assessments, the need has not yet peaked, as all the survivors who remain alive are increasingly elderly, with many growing more frail and vulnerable. The Claims Conference has worked with the German Ministry of Finance to provide comprehensive data regarding the current and projected needs of Nazi victims. In addition to the 56,000 Nazi victims who are receiving Claims Conference-funded homecare, there are an additional 90,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide who receive other welfare services such as food, medicine, socialization programs and transportation from the Claims Conference.

The Claims Conference provides funding to local agencies that provide Holocaust survivor nursing care.  To find an agency in your area that is funded by the Claims Conference, visit their Help Centers Map.  There is also a page on the website to learn if someone you know is eligible for compensation along with a frequently asked questions page.  If you are fortunate enough to know or care for a Holocaust survivor, please pass along this direct contact information:

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
1359 Broadway, Room 2000
New York, NY 10018



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