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Ask I’m A 45 Year Old Man. Do I Need A Physical?
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Ask I’m A 45 Year Old Man. Do I Need A Physical?


Nurse Gail,

I am married with kids. I am 45 years old and live in NYC and have not had a complete physical in years. Is it recommended for someone my age? And also, do you recommend a doctor/nurse practitioner where to go? – male or female – doesn’t matter to me. Just don’t feel like waiting forever for an appointment. Thank you.



Dear BC,

Did one of my friends put you up to this?

Yes, of course you need a physical exam, especially if it has been a few years. I presume you want to live a long life with your wife, kids, and future grandkids. With that in mind, you’ll want a medical professional to ask about your family history and assess your health risks. Some blood tests will alert you to problems that lurk below the surface like diabetes and high cholesterol. At the appointment you’ll be checked for high blood pressure and learn why men ages 45 to 79 might benefit from taking 81mg of aspirin daily.  You’ll be reminded to wear sunscreen, helmets, seat belts, and discuss the importance of a varied diet and routine exercise.  I recommend my favorite probiotic and share many health tips with my patients.

Since you are in NYC, you can use to find a provider on short notice. ZocDoc will also sort out providers who accept your insurance plan near your zip code.  (This is my ZocDoc profile.)

The decision to see a nurse practitioner or medical doctor is a personal choice. Every provider has strengths and weaknesses and every practice is run differently. Regardless, I hope you find a medical professional who partners with you.  Once you have a complete physical exam, you will have a point person for all of your future health-related needs.  This usually provides peace of mind and creates a sense of security for both you and your family.

In wellness,
Gail Ingram NP

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