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Cynthia Jaffe is a family nurse practitioner, doctor of chiropractic, and medical acupuncturist. She is also a clinical instructor for graduate level nursing students in the areas of pediatrics and family practice. In her own work, Cynthia uses integrative health strategies to change "sick care" to "well care" with a focus on prevention. In her spare time she produces the Health Scope podcast.

In response to a recent post about dairy, one of our readers asked, “Do kids need cow’s milk?”  Cynthia Jaffe, a family nurse practitioner and …


  The milk industry has convinced us that milk is vital to good health in an attempt to boost sales. We’ve been told that …


Stinging insects have a sweet spot for August and September, especially, bees!  It is hot and sticky with lots of people enjoying the last …


Cynthia Jaffe FNP DC recommends a consistent snooze schedule because regular sleep and wake times are important for optimal wellness. Keeping a consistent sleep …


In light of recent news events, Mia Ross BSN RN and Cynthia Jaffe FNP DC open the conversation about mental illness, Lufthansa, Andreas Lubitz, …