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Marsha Battee earned her bachelor's of nursing at Georgetown University and also holds a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. She has critical care and emergency room experience and is currently a Forensic Nurse Examiner in the District of Columbia. Marsha owns RN Getaways where nurses "travel for fun, not work" and as the founder of The Bossy Nurse, Marsha empowers nurses to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and become the boss of their own business.

Marsha Battee owns and operates a travel company, RN Getaways, and is also a registered nurse.  She’s experienced in all things travel-related and gives her …


Nurse Marsha Battee discusses the importance of ruling out a wheat allergy and Celiac Disease before blaming a food or gluten sensitivity. Gluten is …


Nurse Marsha Battee explains that the healthiest chocolate is DARK chocolate ONLY–not the low quality Valentine’s Day stuff at the drug store. The media …


Nurse Marsha Battee answers the question, “Why is the flu so bad this year?” and goes on to tell you how to fight it: …