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August 5, 2013

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One could say that the best hangover cure is prevention but seriously, who can keep track of how much champagne they’ve had when the glass is continuously topped off?

When I know I’m going to an event, I will stock my fridge with FRESH coconut water.  I drink fresh coconut water along with filtered water before going out and again when I return home.  I also make sure I have enough stocked for the next day.

Fresh coconut water isn’t a magic bullet but it will help by maintaining blood sugar levels and fluid balance.  Be sure not to waste your time or money on processed coconut water with additives.  Processing, as with all things, reduces nature’s goodness and the extra sugar along with preservatives found in major store-bought brands will not ease your hangover.

When it is needed, I turn to ibuprofen for its anti-inflammatory action.  Sometimes it is unclear if the dance moves or the alcohol cause more pain in the morning.  Cheers to friends who don’t post pictures!


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  1. You are right about fresh coconut water. All other brands that are processed have little nutrition and integrity as compared to fresh coconut water from the coconut. Right from the coconut. what you have shown here is a good example.

    ~ Coconut Ed

    • Hey, Coconut Ed, where do your coconut trees grow and how do you keep the fresh, raw juice from spoiling if it isn’t pasteurized or preserved with sugar? Thanks!

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