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Contribute is the first health and wellness website authored solely by nurses.  Our writers strive to correct misconceptions promoted by mainstream media, report the latest scientific research, and give professional opinion on health-related matters.  The site is changing the way public health education is delivered and has modified the definition of “patient” to include anyone using a computer to learn about health and wellness.

We will consider articles written by nurses that are focused on health related topics.  They should be evidence-based, provide professional commentary, and are relevant to a current issue.  Please enter your contact information below so we can send you our writer’s guidelines.  The guidelines further outline the type of articles we are looking for, how to submit posts, and what additional information we need from our writers (i.e. license number for credential check, short bio, social media links, etc.).  We look forward to showcasing your professional contribution and taking your health promotion to the next level.


  • Influence Social And Professional Change: is impacting the way nurses are perceived in the media.
  • Be Accountable, Reliable, And Confident:  Put yourself out there in a smart, real, and meaningful way.
  • Be Relevant:  Participate in the e-health conversation and draw respect from other practitioners, potential patients, and readers.
  • Get Recognized:  Each writer is provided a professional contributors page where individual work is showcased and promoted.
  • Create A Positive Online Presence:  A searchable bio and by-line enhances each nurse writer’s internet presence which is key for professional recognition.  This is also beneficial when HR departments or professional contacts perform a Google search.
  • Reach a Broad Audience:  Your article has the potential to reach thousands of readers every day.
  • Improve Writing Skills:  Editors work closely with writers of all levels to develop a unique and effective voice.
  • Enhance Communication:  Through writing, learn how to frame issues, organize information, and convey ideas in the most effective way.
  • Continue Learning:  Writers stay up to date on current health trends, guidelines, and research.  Our contributors query one another, share novel information, and critique each other’s work which ultimately supports the development of well-rounded practitioners.
  • Develop Group Work Skills:  Writers give criticism, defend professional opinions, and accept edits in a process that fosters both personal and professional growth.
  • Join A Supportive Team:  We encourage and promote individual successes as well as collective milestones.
  • Network With Like-Minded NPs And RNs:  Contributors become part of an invaluable community for networking and professional development.
  • Bolster A Job Resume:  Nurses who write about health convey a high level of expertise and commitment to potential employers.
  • Bulk Up A Grad School Or Doctorate Application:  University admission boards appreciate candidates who show initiative outside traditional settings.
  • Boost A GPA:  Converting classroom content into a article makes the information unforgettable and easy to recall for exams or future professional application.
  • Utilize Research & Statistics Skills:  Advanced education is put to use when searching the literature for supportive evidence.
  • Learn About Web Business & Journalism:  This makes for stronger, savvy writers with future marketability.
  • Utilize Social Media:  We teach our writers how to use social media to build a personal brand and to promote each other’s writing.
  • Vent:  If it gets you fired up, write about it.
  • Feel Good:  Contributing to feels great.  It provides the opportunity to be creative, share valuable information, highlight the profession, and develop relationships.

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