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Firsthand Recommendations to Help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
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Firsthand Recommendations to Help Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

A personal call to action from our editor and writer Nurse Mia Ross.

Our editor, Nurse Mia Ross (now Mia Yousefzeda), has been living in Puerto Rico for the last year and she knows firsthand how you can help the island recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Last year, my husband and I sold most of our belongings and moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico so that he could start a business. From day one, La Isla Del Encanto selflessly gave us happiness, health, and an unrivaled sense of community. We can never repay these gifts, but we will give what we can. I invite you to help, too. Please take 5 minutes to use the following options and help your fellow US citizens restore and renew:

Donate to THIS Local Organization

Island revitalization may take years, but the spirit of the people in Puerto Rico is limitless.  Two savvy, smart Boricua women who run nonprofits on the island created a fund to assist with long-term rehabilitation. I know these women personally and can assure every cent will be spent optimally.

Text Your State Senators to Encourage Recovery Federal Assistance using RESISTBOT

  • Text “RESIST” to 50409
  • Respond to 3 automated prompts
  • Copy and paste the following message:

After Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, many of the more than 3.4 million U.S. citizens on the island are still without adequate food, safe drinking water, and life-saving fuel.

In order to help our fellow citizens, please increase FEMA access and military aid to the island immediately. Puerto Rico needs supplies, protection, and energy experts fast and needs it now.

The time is now to put more resources into revitalizing our stunning sister island. Please send all the supplies, distribution vessels, and manpower you can. If not, dire circumstances on the island will continue to spiral downward. Global participation is the only solution.



firsthand recommendations to help puerto rico after hurricane maria

September 28, 2017 (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Healing starts with action. Let the recuperation begin.

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