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Healthy Food Bank Donations
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Healthy Food Bank Donations

Here is a list of healthy food donations because people who rely on food banks need nutritious food, not cheap tuna and Kraft macaroni.

Nurse Gail Ingram provides nutritional counseling and has made of list of healthy food bank donations to maximize your good intentions:

We all have a dusty can of something awful in our cabinets that we’d like to get rid of but donating it to a food bank is not the solution.  People who rely on food banks and donations need nutritious food, not your old cans of Spam and Sloppy Joe sauce.  So instead of giving two cans of something you wouldn’t put into your own mouth, here are my suggestions for healthy food bank donations:

  • Organic baby food (the only item that many food banks will accept in a glass jar)
  • Raw cashew or almond butter (in plastic jars, not glass)
  • Dried or canned beans
  • Brown rice (not instant)
  • Dehydrated fruit (no sugar added)
  • Canned albacore or salmon in water (no salt, pole caught is best)
  • Tea, coffee, bottled water
  • Olive oil (first cold pressed extra virgin)
  • Thick rolled or steel cut oats (not instant)

Although quinoa, chia seeds, and hemp hearts are loaded with macronutrients, try not to get too fancy since the donation recipients might not know what to do with them.

Giving feels great.  Please be thoughtful this holiday season and give donations that promote wellness and good health.  You’ll be glad you did.

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