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Ask  Where Can I Get My Hormones Drawn?
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Ask Where Can I Get My Hormones Drawn?


A reader writes:

I want to get my hormones drawn. Where can I get that done?

Gail Ingram BSN RN responds:

I’m assuming you are a healthy adult woman with no medical history and not taking medication.  That said, you’ll need to get a prescription from your primary care provider, gynecologist, or endocrinologist.

The Process

It is likely that the staff at your doctor’s office will draw the blood.  The doctor’s office will then send the blood to a lab for processing.  However, once you have the prescription or laboratory order form, you can go to a lab (like Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp) and have your blood drawn there.

If you don’t have insurance, you can call around and compare prices for the best deal.   Sometimes a doctor’s office will lower their cost for a brief visit if you pay cash.  I was able to pay $135 for a short visit with a doctor that had seen me in the past.  The price will be more if you need a “new patient” exam.  

There is often an additional fee for drawing the blood.  Your doctor may waive the fee so ask about that, too.  Unfortunately, the lab where the blood is sent for processing generally does not negotiate prices.  Lab fees are the most expensive part and you will be responsible for paying this regardless of who draws the blood.  Unless, of course, you have insurance.

Here is what Quest Diagnostics charges for some hormone tests:

  • Estradiol  $196.53
  • FSH  $130.60
  • LH  $130.60
  • Prolactin  $159.89
  • Testosterone  $211.45
  • TSH  $134.34
  • T4  $144.47

For the Best Results

Don’t get the blood drawn unless you know the exact date of your last menstrual period.  This is very important since female hormones fluctuate throughout the month and the provider will match your levels with the expected values for that phase.

If you want your cortisol checked, be sure to get the blood drawn around 8am or before.  Cortisol peaks based on circadian rhythms and is highest in the early morning.

Thyroid hormones can be drawn anytime.

You can receive your results directly from the lab but the doctor will probably want to go over them with you.



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