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HPV Vaccine Dramatically Reduces Throat Cancer
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HPV Vaccine Dramatically Reduces Throat Cancer


I was so excited when Michael Douglas broke the silence about HPV and its connection with throat cancer that I wrote a couple of posts about it.  Actually more than a couple, but who’s counting.

I was also happy when, in 2013, the first large-scale cohort study was published that showed HPV vaccines reduce oral infections by 93%.  For anyone who was concerned about the efficacy of the HPV vaccination, this is validating.  93% is a dramatic reduction.

Some things to know about HPV and oral cancer:

  • Nearly 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral and throat cancer annually and more than 8,000 people will die from these conditions.
  • Oral cancer is much more prevalent among men than in women.
  • Boys, too, should be vaccinated to protect them from oral cancers.

To learn more about HPV and cancer, check out the U.S. National Cancer Institute website.

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