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MEDTECH: Minimize Anxiety With Meditation Apps
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MEDTECH: Minimize Anxiety With Meditation Apps

Anxiety; there's an app for that.

Liz is a nurse who understands the importance of relaxation for optimal health, especially her own.  She shares her tips to minimize anxiety with meditation apps and internet resources.  Ohmmmm…

Americans are stressed out. Majorly. Approximately 18% of adults in the US suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder, including generalized anxiety, phobias, and PTSD, but only about one third of those adults seek treatment. With studies suggesting that anxiety leads to increased risk of developing heart disease, that alarming statistic needs to change.

Recent research points to mediation as a useful tool to reduce anxiety. Mindfulness mediation was singled out as being particularly beneficial in the reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.  As a low cost, low risk means to decrease anxiety, meditation is a good place to start if you are experiencing typical symptoms like restlessness, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, trembling, trouble concentrating, gastrointestinal issues, and/or incessant worry.
Unfortunately, starting a meditation practice is easier said than done. Sitting still and focusing on your breath can be harder than it sounds.  Luckily there are many apps and internet resources that help teach mediation.  All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or computer; a comfortable place to sit; and ten minutes to yourself. Here are some of my favorite picks to learn meditation:

  • Headspace: “A gym membership for the mind.” A smart phone app that offers guided mediation sessions starting at ten minutes.  The first set of general guided meditations are free; additional meditation packs are available for paying subscribers with topics like sleep, depression, relationships, and more.
  • Stop, Breathe, & Think: This app guides you to “check-in” with your feelings, then offers a personalized mediation session based on your current emotions.
  • UCLA’s MARC: UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center offers free mindfulness meditation on their website. The Center is devoted to studying meditation and it’s impact on wellness.

I have found having a mediation app on my phone helps me to start my day with intention.  Taking ten minutes in the morning to work through a short meditation session helps me start the day relaxed and reminds me of what’s really important in my life. I’ve even used the apps on the train during my commute to work. Download one today to get started on your journey to better health!

Using a meditation app that reduces anxiety?  Let us know in the comments!


  • Avatar Jason Santiago says:

    I usually just play a chill soundtrack after a long day’s work. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m going to try them out.

  • Avatar Tim says:

    The app CALM is also really good!

  • Avatar Carol Hinkley says:

    I agree with Tim. I’m a HUGE fan of the CALM app for meditation. I always encourage my fellow RN’s and students to practice being present and mindful. Meditation is a great way to unplug and relive stress.

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