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Monbaby: Wearable Tech For Babies – Smart Baby Monitor
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Monbaby: Wearable Tech For Babies – Smart Baby Monitor


Nurse Practitioner Gail Ingram took a trip to the World Maker Faire 2015 held at the New York Hall of Science.  She spent her time in the Maker Health tent and spoke to Daniel Klaynberg, Chief Commercial Officer of Mondevices, about wearable tech for babies and the Monbaby app.

Admittedly, I can be somewhat annoying at conventions, expos, and even farmers markets because I ask a lot of questions that go beyond the basics.  If the person behind the booth isn’t an expert in what they are selling, they can get rattled by my innate curiosity and direct nature.  So I was delighted to meet Dan Klaynberg during my excursion to the NYC Maker Faire because he confidently answered all my questions about wearable tech for babies and the Monbaby app.

Monbaby is a new kind of baby monitor that snaps onto a baby’s clothes and sends messages to his or her parents’ smartphones. Parents of newborns can monitor their baby’s breathing patterns and sleeping positions and, as the baby grows, there is a proximity alarm which alerts parents of wandering toddler action and even a fall detection alarm.  Parents can decide which alerts are appropriate and choose the ones they want to receive.

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The monitor is made of two plastic pieces that snap into each other with a layer of clothing locked in between. (Click HERE to see a video.)  Because the monitor is removable (by adult hands only), it can be easily switched to a clean onesie after a messy incident or to bigger sized clothing as the child ages.  The monitor uses a standard coin cell battery which is known to have a long lifespan and the app works on both iPhone and Android.  The cost is less than $170 and is available for purchase now.

Since I don’t have kids and I spend a good deal of time with elderly patients, I asked if Mondevices has plans to target the senior population.  Dan agrees that Monbaby for seniors, or “Monsenior”, would be helpful for elders who might fall or grandparents with Alzheimer’s who wander.  But until the mature marketing and color scheme rolls out, I say nothing stops users from snapping the monitor on the pajamas of a non-baby.

Except there is a distance issue.  Monbaby uses Bluetooth technology and only transmits data to a cellphone within a 60 foot radius.   This is fine for caregivers who are sleeping in the next room, but not for long-distance monitoring.  But Dan says Mondevices is close to releasing an adapter which uses the home’s wifi setup and gives users more freedom.  As far as remote monitoring, this feature should be available in 2016.  At that time, moms and dads will be able to check their’s baby’s breathing from a table at their favorite restaurant.  Same goes for adult children who worry about the safety and wellbeing of their aging parents.  Mondevices for everyone!


Gail Ingram asks tough questions and Daniel Klaynberg of Mondevices has answers.


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