Nursing Needs Online Presence | Let’s Do This! | Call for Submissions

April 13, 2014  300x202 Nursing Needs Online Presence | Lets Do This! | Call for Submissions

“Nurse Gail” is not about Gail Ingram. It is a branding strategy that gives health consumers a way to identify and engage with nursing.

Nursing has a branding  problem.  It can’t decide how it wants to present itself or be perceived by the masses.  Because of the many facets of nursing and the fragmentation within the profession, developing an inclusive media plan has proven to be nearly impossible.

There are many well branded doctors in the U.S. and even more self-proclaimed wellness experts who have fantastic PR campaigns which make them household names.  When people are looking for answers to their health and wellness issues, they turn to the internet, and that is who they find.

Where is nursing in the e-health conversation?  Nowhere.  While I personally believe nurses make the best health experts, they are not represented in the digital wellness mix, and unfortunately, nursing is being left behind.

I want to change this and I believe with your help that I can—or we can, rather.  I want to alter the concept of to become a collaborative health and wellness resource where information is provided solely by nurses.  I want to give nurses a platform to share their knowledge, intelligence, and passion for good health.  No one understands the positive effects of interventions or the experience of illness like nurses.  Nurses are also the best teachers and translators to help others understand complex medical concepts.  Nursing is thought to be the most honest and ethical of any profession and nurses have the potential to deliver trusted health information in the best way.

The new will operate like and look like or  But before a website redesign, I must make sure that nurses want to collaborate and use their voices to provide people with health information and put nursing on the e-health map.  (Don’t worry about protecting your license–that’s what editors and legal disclaimers are for.)

Submissions needed:

  • Authored by nurse practitioners, nurses, or nursing students
  • 200-500 words in layman’s terms
  • Topics related to health and wellness  (Examples:  How to survive a hospital stay, why raw vegetables are better than cooked, should I lift weights before running on the treadmill?)
  • Short bio including a couple sentences about yourself, photo is optional (Example:  Jane Doe BSN-RN has been an oncology nurse for 5 years and is a graduate NP student at NYU.)
  • Evidence-based writing is a plus has been steadily gaining traction and has been recognized by‘s top 20 nursing blogs list,’s top 50 nursing blogs, and is on the American Journal of Nursing’s blog roll.  My bullying post got over 2000 hits per day during the week that it was published and my undergraduate nursing admission essay continues to receive over 200 hits per day a year after it was published.  I have a high-traffic health column at and my association with that publication has a synergistic effect for was started with the idea that my private clients and their families could get to know me better.  However, it is taking on a life of its own and has the potential to stand for something bigger than myself.  I see it as an opportunity to include other nurses and present nursing in a positive, smart, and professional way.  Please collaborate with me and get nursing recognized with a strong voice in the online health and wellness world.

Nurse Gail Registered Trademark1 786x1024 Nursing Needs Online Presence | Lets Do This! | Call for Submissions

Nurse Gail is the real deal and we are not fooling around here. Let’s do this!

To contact me with questions and submissions, please use the “Contact” link on the left.


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Comments (20)

  1. Thanks for opening up this opportunity and leveraging the nursing community as a whole. This is definitely one big step toward solving the branding issue that nursing has!

    • Thanks, Erica. I’m looking forward to changing the design of the site and working with motivated experts (yes, that is what nurses are!).

  2. Great post, I agree totally with the branding issue. It happens when we get in a large group. Tribal think is an unintended outcome and thus we are sort of all clumped together.

    I appreciate that you are calling on individual nurses to come forth and speak from the voice of experience and expertise. It is in alignment with my vision of nursing from within.

    To me, the only way to embrace massive shifts needed in the nursing profession it has got to be done from the inside out. Yes, that may be hard as change is often difficult. Yes, it can seem lonely if an individual nurse feels out of place. And that is the way it’s got to be.

    Break out of the mold and be ourselves. Bring our authentic voice to the table. Uplift the profession with nursing from within.

    Great call, Gail. I support your efforts. Enjoy the day.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Elizabeth. If anyone wants to know more about “nursing from within” they can check out

  3. Branding! You are shining the light on this ‘branding deficit” in nursing. I am totally with you on rebranding + I’m thrilled to collaborate with you on building your own ‘brand” mission + vision. As you know I’m passionate about this myself, positioning YogaNursing® as a new brand of health care:)

    As you stated, “Nursing is thought to be the most honest and ethical of any profession and nurses have the potential to deliver trusted health information in the best way.” We DO need to leverage that!

    I believe in you Nurse Gail, and feel without a doubt you will succeed with lots of collaboration from other nursepreneurs.

    • Thank you Yoga Nurse! “Leverage” is such a great word that nurses don’t use enough–both in the literal and figurative sense. Best to you and

  4. Gail, this is a very interesting point of view. I like the branding idea.
    Something I may consider down the road.
    With time, our blogs take on a life that we did not see when we began.
    This is a good thing. It means growth -and the sky is really the limit.
    Great Post!

    • When one of us is recognized as an expert then the entire profession is elevated. Joyce, you are branded as a professional who goes above and beyond–it doesn’t take a nationally registered trademark to do that. is a great effort and the sky is the limit!

  5. I totally agree. We lack any real leadership in our profession. The ANA is a figurehead and only acts on things they think up and poo-poos anything that tries to raise nurses up and unite them.

    We as nurses need to strengthen our “brand” and collaborate to provide the care and education to our patients and to meet the demands of not only our aging population, but those millions who now have access to health care.

    I belong to a grassroots group working to pass the National Nurse Act through Congress and definitely support your efforts here as well.

    • Thank you Kathy! I have a lot to say about nursing unions (as I’m sure you do as well–I saw the ANA’s response to the National Nurse Act). I think we agree that grassroots is needed in the profession to get things done. I see so many ways to improve the profession and no consensus from our “leaders.” I’m glad that you are active with causes and on your site

  6. Gail,

    I think there are many nurses working the floor who would love to have a voice online and educate the masses. The key is going to be reaching them.

    Sharing on my social channels. I encourage others to do the same. Doctors aren’t the only ones who can be a voice of health online.

    I’m here to help however I can. :)

    • Thank you Brittney ( I am trying to collaborate with floor nurses who are wondering how they can cultivate their voice and reach a broad audience. When I worked on the floor, there were very few “teachable moments” with patients and families. I often wondered how I could share what I knew with people who actually cared. That was 9 years ago and I have watched nursing (as a profession full of health experts) become extinct in the online health conversation. I think people may have forgotten that nurses see and do the most with and for the patients. This gives RNs a unique perspective which I think should be shared. Thank you Brittney for your recruitment efforts. I know there is a nurse just like me sitting at the nurse’s station wondering how to showcase their expertise. Let’s connect!

  7. I’m interested. I’m writing four blog posts a week plus the weekly podcast for the Nursing Show anyway so what’s another one or two?

    • Thanks Jamie! The new website is being built as we speak and my editor and I are developing the specific target topics. I will be in touch soon!

  8. I am very interested in this exciting endeavor! I am always saddened when I hear how “surprised” people are to find out how much I may know and that I am “just a nurse”. If we don’t brand our profession, someone else will! I am new to the social media game, but am loving all the ways to connect with other nurses! Happy to help in any way and will be sending you a submission! Thanks for spearheading this endeavor! Take care & hope to connect soon.

  9. I agree with everything you’ve said here, and hope that somebody does something similar for us here in the UK – unfortunately as a nursing student the majority of my own time is taken up with studies, and the remainder spent with my wife and kids, otherwise I’d have a go myself.

    Best of luck to you.

    • Sam, the beauty of the internet is that it is international. The success of an American nursing effort benefits all nurses everywhere. I learned this firsthand when I studied issues and trends in Argentina this year. I wholeheartedly believe that my success is your success and the success of the many hardworking nurses worldwide.

      With that said, please let me know if you or any of your cohorts would like to submit to the new HR departments search social media before they offer you a contract. I guarantee that a byline on will set you apart as a passionate, professional and will only serve you well in your future health care career.

  10. Hi Gail, I love reading your blog. I came across your post about nurses not making a lot in NYC as I was researching areas where I may want to relocate after graduation and since reading that post I’ve bookmarked you. Love it!

    I graduate from University of Missouri-St. Louis in May 2015 with my BSN and I would love to contribute to the online presence for nurses. I know that I would only be able to post maybe once a month or so considering that a lot of my time will be dedicated to studies, but I am very interested.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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