NURSING PROFESSION–the Most Trusted | Honesty and Ethical Standards

March 5, 2012

trophy 236x300 NURSING PROFESSION  the Most Trusted | Honesty and Ethical StandardsSince 1976 Gallup has been surveying Americans to rank professionals based on honesty and ethical standards.  The nursing profession was added to the poll in 1999 and has ranked the highest in 12 out of 13 annual surveys.  The only exception came in 2001 when firefighters ranked higher following the events of 9/11.  Pharmacists have generally ranked second and medical doctors third.

I am proud to be a nurse and I am pleased that the nursing profession is perceived by the public to be the most trustworthy.  Recent focus on poor hospital customer service scores, little positive mention of nurses or nursing care, and patients excessively gushing over the doctors who disrespect us behind closed doors have caused me to forget that the general public actually values us.

While I need reminding, it doesn’t surprise me that Americans consistently rank nurses the most honest with the highest ethical standards of any other profession.  We don’t collect kick-backs from pharmaceutical companies or government agencies nor do we set our pay scale for private practice or use billing codes and charge on a fee-for-service basis.  We are paid less than most other professions requiring advanced education.

With managers, doctors, family members, and patients continuously challenging nurses, I am happy for the annual reminder by Gallup that we are highly thought of.  The Gallup poll is like getting a glowing comment card from, not just one appreciative patient, but from all of America.


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