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Not Your Mother’s Lemonade: NutriBullet Lemonade Recipe
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Not Your Mother’s Lemonade: NutriBullet Lemonade Recipe

Use the whole lemon for maximum nutrition.

Nurse Mia Ross is passionate about nutrition and preventative medicine.  She created this easy NutriBullet lemonade recipe for maximum health benefits.


It’s been a long, long winter in NYC, so when the sunshine finally showed up I was desperate for Spring activities.  In warm weather I enjoy cold, refreshing lemonade.  I had all the ingredients ready, but since I hurt my wrists at yoga (a post for another day), I was unable to fresh-squeeze the lemons.  I looked at my high-powered, Nutribullet, blender and thought about all the things it can pulverize:  nuts, coffee beans, ice cubes.  I then considered how much I love lemon peel (I grate it and put it on everything).  And then I just went for it.  I cut up a lemon and threw the whole thing in the blender.  The result was so miraculous, I feel the need to share it with you.


2 Lemons, Washed and Scrubbed Clean

4 Cups of Water

1 Tablespoon of Sweetener*


After cleaning the lemons, remove both ends (be wary not to cut into the fleshy part).  Keep the peel on!  Cut the lemons into wedges and remove the seeds.  Throw the lemons in your NutriBullet, Vitamix, or Ninja Ultima.  Add water, sweetener, and ice.  Pulse in the blender until liquified.  This does not take long.  Make sure to not over-blend as the rinds may break down too much and leave a bitter taste.  There should be pulp from the skin and flesh.  Strain this out.  The liquid leftover will be frothy and lovely and delicious.

This is the basic recipe for the lemonade, but if you’re feeling bold you can make adjustments.  I added a 4-inch cube of fresh ginger root to the mixture.  It only enhanced the drink.  I garnished with two fresh basil leaves which I chopped to release flavor.  Again, a great addition.  If I had fresh mint, I would not hesitate to forgo the basil and throw a stash of mint leaves directly into the blender.  Another suggestion, mix lemon and limes together.  Run with it. When life hands you lemons, make this lemonade.


*I used maple syrup but honey is another option.  Both are minimally-processed sugars.  We all know sugar is not great, but this is a relatively low-sugar lemonade, which makes it a healthier option.  Need more reasons to make your lemonade from scratch?


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  • Avatar Ehsan says:

    I tasted it first hand and it’s awesome!

  • Avatar Yolanda says:

    I like this method because it’s fast and very lemon-y. I was not able to use the ingredients in the proportions provided. I had big lemons, so I did one and a half, a 2-inch cube of ginger, and had only enough room for 3 ice cubes (which I’ll eliminate next time). Ifilled it to the max line with water, pulsed everything for about 15 seconds and strained through a container. I then added turbinado sugar simple syrup (about half a cup) and the rest of the water. This made a lot of wonderfully fresh-tasting lemony-gingery lemonade without all the work and time of juicing the lemons. When you juice lemons, you lose the essential oils from the zest, which is the lemon-iest part! Thank you so much for this method! I never would have thought to put lemons–skin, rind, and all!–into my Nutribullet. It really is delicious! (And did I mention lemony?)

    • says:

      Yolanda, thanks for reading and providing helpful feedback! We are glad you enjoyed this lemony treat.

      [To our diabetic readers, maybe try some stevia or Splenda instead of the simple syrup and let us know how you like it?!]

  • Avatar Yolanda says:

    I would like to add to my above comment. The lemonade has sat for one day and the amount of simple syrup I used was too much. I think 1/4 cup would be plenty (if you like it sweet). I added more water to counteract the sugar and it’s still good!

    • says:

      Yolanda, thank you for your update! We like your commitment to tasty hydration! The tips are much appreciated.

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing Nurse Gail. I have a Nutribullet and wanted to make lemonade. I thought there must be a recipe or away to do it. I did a Google search for Nutribullet lemonade and came across this wonderful article. The best lemonade we have ever tasted. Hubby loved i.

    Thank you again,

  • Avatar Jo says:

    Mia, thanks for this recipe! I can confirm that the NutriBullet, along with fresh lemons makes the BEST lemon juice/ade, ever! Just wanted to mention a couple things from my experience:

    I don’t bother slicing, or taking the seeds out…I just wash, and cut the ends off, then throw the whole lemon in (really!)…add just a little water – enough to cover the lemon, then pulse to get a lemon “base” (you add the remainder of the water afterward). The NutriBullet pulverizes it all, beautifully! I have the 1200W NutriBullet Lean (have also tried it with the 900W NutriBullet Pro, with the same results). The 600W model may not work as well…YMMV.

    I also find that if using organic lemons**, you can let the NB run for about 45-60 secs, then let rest for a couple minutes (they recommend not letting the motor run more than a minute at a time) and repeat for 45-60 secs, you may not even need to strain, and it doesn’t seem to get bitter, at least in my numerous experiments! Try rolling the lemons with your palm on the countertop for several seconds before, to soften it up – that seems to make the difference in reducing the amount of pulp left behind (it just gets incorporated).

    ** I’m not an “organic only” fanatic – it’s just that organic lemons have been the same, or cheaper at my local grocer lately, so why not? :o)

    FWIW – I’ve used stevia, as well as low(ish) glycemic Agave Nectar (Volcanic Nectar brand), and both are terrific. Real maple syrup is great, too, as in the original recipe.

    Regarding using limes – after many trials, I think I prefer leaving the peel off entirely (using the same rolling technique prior to peeling). Sometimes I’ve left some/half of the peel on, but I find even with the best quality limes, that’s where the bitterness shows up. Just my $.02!!

    Lastly, a(mother) variation: make a plain batch of the lemon “base” (as above), then add your chosen sweetner to the NB container. Fill the container with ice, then fill to the line with water and pulse. Result – the best fresh lemon slushee ever! I’ll bet you could also sub some rum for a few ounces of the water, and make a lemon daiquiri, if you were inclined!! Fresh mint would complement it nicely!

    Thanks for your patience with my long post!! :o)

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