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Organic Processed Food Is Still Junk Food
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Organic Processed Food Is Still Junk Food

Just because it's "organic" doesn't mean it's good for you.

Just because it’s “organic” doesn’t mean its good for you.

Slapping “organic” on a box and jacking up the price is a marketing scheme that targets good people who hope to find healthier versions of their favorite processed foods.

Unfortunately, processed foods that are made with organic ingredients are just as devoid of nutrition as processed foods made without organic ingredients.

When our bodies go without adequate nutrition, we experience food cravings or hunger pangs.

Using processed foods to quell hunger doesn’t really work because processed foods are high in calories and fat, not nutrition.

Food cravings and hunger pangs continue because our bodies crave nutrition, not calories alone.

Americans are overweight and starving at the same time because we are stuffing ourselves with food that doesn’t nourish or satisfy our bodies.

Feeding children a diet of predominantly processed foods can trigger the cycle of unsatisfied eating and weight gain at an early age.  This has been linked to the recent explosion of type II diabetes among young people.

So please put the organic box of reconstitutable whatever back on the shelf and eat something that is the same shape and color as it was when it was picked.

It’s not easy, but we all need to stop eating pre-packaged processed foods.  Organic or not.

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