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Prevent Plastic Surgery Bruising | Natural Tricks of the Trade
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Prevent Plastic Surgery Bruising | Natural Tricks of the Trade

Whether you are getting lip injections or liposuction, these natural tips to prevent plastic surgery bruising will help.

Gail Ingram is a concierge nurse in Manhattan and shares with you how to prevent plastic surgery bruising.  She works with high-profile clients in NYC and knows how to hide the evidence:

I recover VIP clients from elective cosmetic procedures done by New York City’s best surgeons. However I’m surprised when some interventions to prevent plastic surgery bruising are not provided by the doctor’s office. The most commonly overlooked include:

PINEAPPLE, MANGO and PAPAYA–all have healing enzymes that minimize bruising.  The general recommendation is to eat 2 cups per day for 5 days before and after surgery. Bromelain supplements can be taken when an allergy or intolerance to these fruits is prohibitive.

ORAL ARNICA SUPPLEMENTS–are being recommended more commonly, but in case they didn’t make your surgeon’s checklist, the usual recommendation is to take for 5 days before and after surgery.

KALE–is rich in vitamin K and thickens the blood.  Bulk up your intake before and after surgery.

TOPICAL ARNICA combined with VITAMIN K TOPICAL CREAM–diminishes existing bruises more quickly.

VITAMIN C (CITRUS) and BIOFLAVONOIDS (RICHLY PIGMENTED FRUITS, VEGETABLES, BEANS)–are known to strengthen blood vessels but need to be part of a regular diet beginning 3 months prior to a procedure.  It takes about that long, sometimes less, to achieve the desired results.

It doesn’t matter if the bruising is caused by surgery, roller derby, paint ball, or aggressive games of punch buggy.  These natural remedies work for all types of bruises and are available over the counter.  Whatever the reason, I hope you heal quickly!

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Liposuction with no anti-brusing preparation.

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