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Consistent Snooze Schedule For Good Health
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Consistent Snooze Schedule For Good Health

Good night & rise and shine with regularity.

Cynthia Jaffe FNP DC recommends a consistent snooze schedule because regular sleep and wake times are important for optimal wellness.

Keeping a consistent sleep schedule is more important that you think.  Going to bed and waking up at the same time everyday can help prevent or minimize a myriad of symptoms and illnesses.

This is because your body has its own internal clock known as “circadian rhythm.”  It’s a 24 hour cycle that responds to hormones, light and darkness, and regulates important bodily functions such as heart rate and blood pressure.  When your body’s circadian rhythm is disrupted, not only can it affect your sleep-cycle, but it also impacts your health.  An abnormal circadian rhythm has been associated with major health problems including obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and more will likely be discovered.  Biochemical links are being better understood as research is continues.

No need to wait for all the data–better to get yourself on a regular sleep schedule ASAP.  I recommend sleeping and waking up within the same 1-2 hour window every day, even on the weekends.  Need tips to fall asleep?  Read this before you set your alarm and remember to go easy on the snooze button in the morning.  Sleep tight and sweet dreams!


  • Avatar Jordan says:

    Great tips, and something that I think everyone needs to work on a little (or in my case… a lot!) is getting a consistent schedule down. It’s tempting to stay up late on the weekends, but ultimately it might throw your sleep out of whack for the week!

  • Avatar Kay Adam says:

    Not only nurse but everyone need this. Informative post. Thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar Frank Davis says:

    This is so true.. Usually whenever people gain weight, they look at eating as the problem. But it can be that the lack of sleep is the primary problem that leads to the secondary which is eating more.

  • Avatar Victoria says:

    Do you have any tips for shift workers? I’m a hemodialysis and psych nurse on days and evenings (prn so not even a regular switching schedule!). I don’t work nights now but will be in the future and even with just days and evenings I still find it next to impossible to keep the same sleep schedule. I’m a new nurse too which probably is a big contributor to the fatigue too!

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