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Joseph Conte | Travel Nurse Tax . com | BEST accountant for nurses
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Joseph Conte | Travel Nurse Tax . com | BEST accountant for nurses

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Joe Conte & his beautiful family. His wife is an RN!

Joseph Conte is the best CPA that I have ever worked with or known for that matter.  Not only does he prepare my taxes every year but he also set up my retirement portfolio, gives me sound business advice, reviews contracts, recommended both a mentor and a bookkeeper, and is an all around nice guy with a beautiful family.

Joe’s contact information was initially given to me by my recruiter at Cross Country TravCorps.  I had always done my own taxes as a staff nurse but travel nurse income tax preparation is complicated.  I was unsure which special forms to fill out, what to deduct, and if I had to pay New York City tax in addition to Washington State tax (my tax home state at the time).

Joe has over twelve years of accounting experience with six of those years at some of the world’s largest and most respected accounting firms.  When looking to leave the world of Big 4 accounting, he partnered with a travel nurse and started  Joe specializes in travel nurse tax preparation as well as tax prep for other medical professionals (doctors, techs, non-traveling staff nurses).  He is licensed in New York, based in Florida and approved by the IRS to serve anyone in the U.S.A.  Geography is not an issue as Joe can assist you via phone and email.

In addition, Joe is also married to a nurse!  Because of this, Joe has genuine empathy and understanding of nurses and health care professionals.  He also likes to get to know his clients personally so that he can best meet their individual needs.

Do not hesitate to call Joe if you are in some kind of tax crisis.  I recommended Joe to a fellow traveler who hadn’t paid his taxes in over three years.  Joe worked wonders for him.  Hopefully that isn’t your situation, but if so, Joe will alleviate your anxiety and talk you through the entire process with ease.

Joes rates are affordable and there are no hidden fees.  I can’t thank him enough for his exceptional customer service and the extra phone time he has spent advising me on business and investing.  He won’t take any extra money from me so I hope that this post will bring him some lovely new clients.

Please call Joe at 800-672-0364 or email to discuss your tax needs. 

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