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Voices in Nursing Leadership and
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Voices in Nursing Leadership and

A professional voice is not about being loud, it is about being effective.

In any occupation, a strong professional voice takes years to cultivate and involves more than just being loud. It is the ability to thoughtfully articulate a topic from many sides while supporting an expert point of view. Professionals become leaders when they use their voice to impact large groups of people with far-reaching influence.

Nursing leaders often use their voice to share knowledge and expertise with other nurses. They speak at nursing conferences, start nursing businesses targeting nurse consumers, and direct nurse-related blog posts to nurses in various stages of their careers. This is great for the nursing community, but the narrow focus of nursing leadership has a downside that few are talking about.

Because nursing expertise is kept within the profession, the general public has no idea what we do or what kind of knowledge we possess. Nurses are the largest group in the healthcare industry (and arguably the most vital) but we are rarely heard from. Without direct exposure to nurses, healthy young and middle aged adults rely on stereotypes.  These misconceptions prevent growth of the profession and minimize the education, experience and hard work of nurses. Therefore, nurses must be encouraged to find their voices and become leaders who showcase the profession to outsiders.

The internet is a good place to start and there are plenty of websites that discuss nursing and attempt to tell the public, or lawmakers, or hospital administrators that nurses are wonderful. But simply telling them doesn’t work. It isn’t enough to say that nurses are experts in the delivery of medical care, are excellent health educators, and understand the patient experience better than anyone else. Instead, we must show others what we do and know by performing or demonstrating it in a public way. does just that. The site empowers nurses to find their voice and provides the platform to positively impact thousands of readers with robust health information. strives to correct misconceptions promoted by mainstream media, report the latest scientific research, and provide expert nursing opinion. changes the way public health education is delivered and has modified the definition of “patient” to include anyone using a computer.

Currently, the e-health conversation is dominated by millennial fashion bloggers and self-proclaimed wellness gurus who provide inaccurate information. Because of this, more than ever, nurses have a responsibility to speak up and participate in the online health discussion. encourages nurses to embrace their role as health experts and take their health promotion to the next level. Readers benefit by having access to reliable health information and, at the same time are able to see first hand, that nurses are amazing.

When the public better understands the nurse’s role, and finds personal value in us as health experts, the overall perception of nursing will be enhanced. If nurses share their knowledge in a thoughtful, creative, and positive way, nursing will be better understood and old stereotypes will fade. Together, we can be recognized as the intelligent, indispensable, and powerful force that we are.

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