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Wearable Tech For The Blind – Vista Wearable
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Wearable Tech For The Blind – Vista Wearable


When I think wearable tech, I think shiny metallic turtlenecks with ball-like sensors glued to the sleeves.  The thought makes my inner fashionista cringe.  So I was thrilled to learn at the NYC Maker Faire 2015 that my warped concept of wearable tech was wrong.  The “wearable” in wearable tech can be as simple as clipping a small gadget onto the collar of a shirt or the brim of a baseball cap.  The “tech” in wearable tech is AMAZING and it can change the lives of its users in limitless ways.

Take for example the device that Vista Wearable has designed to keep visually impaired people safe.  It is a small plastic gizmo that can be worn with an arm band or clipped onto a breast pocket.  It vibrates when the wearer is walking into something that might hit them in the upper body or head–like a low-hanging branch or light fixture.  It is designed to compliment the use of a white cane or the abilities of a seeing eye dog.

The device will be called the “Vista Explorer” and their new website will be up soon with more details.  It is currently available to university research centers and a commercial version should be available in mid-2016.  For further information, the company can be emailed at

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Samples of the future Vista Explorer device–wearable tech for the blind and visually impaired.

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